Artist Resin Art: @eve_afflatus 

Do you think that Resinart is hard or no?⠀Anyway, it has lots of details, like any other sphere of art. But you can learn lots of useful things from my free tutorials in IG TV, that have English translation.⠀How to work with different molds and boards, how to draw a space with resin or to create smth awesome for serving and many other things.⠀You can learn out everything for free on my page and I'll be glad to assist you in a case of questions
Instagram artist: @eve_afflatus  

Yuliya Igosheva@pantyuh 

 Working in different techniques:
- resin art
- alcohol ink art
 English, Russian 
A few words about me :
I have been working in liquid techniques for more than 2,5 years .
Have learnt from the best abstract artists in our country.
I have a studio in Moscow , where you are welcome any day any time !
 Instagram artist: @pantyuh

Let's get acquainted!
My name is Demina Ekaterina  @demina_kate_ 

I am an artist of resinart, the author of unique techniques, which are recorded online video lessons; endocrinologist, mother of a wonderful adult daughter and a small Sorvi-Head, beloved wife, only daughter, activist, athlete well, you know further 
⠀I started painting with epoxy resin in February 2019. During this time, I learned a lot and began to teach myself! At the very first training, I won the main prize and went! I am constantly learning, experimenting and showing my achievements (I hope you like it).
⠀I love to do my garden, I am charged with incredible energy from the ground! I love to travel actively and in my dreams-the Great Reef, Elbrus, the Arctic Ocean and South Africa (penguins to see).
⠀I love to listen to loud music and high speed on the track.
I respect a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition.
Instagram artist: @demina_kate_