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№24 khaki (Перламутровый пигмент)

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Premium pearl pigment is designed for staining resin and producing rich and deep shades.
No wonder he is responsible for the" tenderness " in the paintings. It creates the effect of a natural, living shell. With subtle iridescences of color in the sun. With a small concentration of dye, mother-of-pearl gives a uniform staining of the entire epoxy mass. By increasing the proportion of pigment, you can get streaks and shimmers of unprecedented beauty. It is used to create multi-layered shapes. Powdered pigments show good color fastness and stability. Perfectly color and create pearlescent or metallic effects.

Packaging: 25 ml jar

Appearance: powder.

Storage conditions: Store in a tightly closed container in a dry place. In everyday life, store separately from food, in a place that is not accessible to children.

Precautions: Use personal protection equipment of respiratory organs. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water. After finishing the work, wipe the container and tools with a dry cloth and wash with soap and water. Avoid swallowing or inhaling the material. Wash your hands thoroughly after work, especially before eating. When using the product, do not smoke, drink, or eat.

Please note!
- The color rendering of the image on different digital devices may vary greatly.
- We strongly recommend that you test the dye before starting work to get the desired effect.


№24 khaki (Перламутровый пигмент) отзывы

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